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10 Historical Women in Science Stickers!

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A great gift for a science-inclined human, or for yourself! Ten exclusive images of historical women in science covering all disciplines! Stickers are 3" x 3" and made with durable and waterproof vinyl! Only 20 left in stock! Taxes and shipping included in price!

Grace Hopper- U.S. Rear Admiral and computer scientist!

Marie Tharp - Cartographer and oceanographer who mapped the ocean floor and found evidence for continental drift!

Vera Rubin - Astronomer who discovered the best evidence of dark matter!

Florence Nightingale - Founder of modern nursing!

Maria Sibylla Merian - Ecologist and professionally-trained artist who described the life cycle and plant host use of ~200 insect species!

Annie Easley - NASA computer, mathematician, and rocket scientist!

Hedy Lamarr - Hollywood star and member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame!

Gertrude Belle Elion - Chemist and Nobel Prize winner who discovered new ways to treat diseases like leukemia and HIV!

Isabella Aiona Abbott - Hawaiian ethnobotanist/phycologist studying Pacific seaweeds!

Eugenie Clark - Ichthyologist and renown 'Shark Lady'!

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